Fitness Centers Flooring

Tile rubber floor covering functions as shock absorber against probable falls at sports halls and it is the best solution accordingly. It is the best solution for sport clubs and sports halls due to its non- slippery and sound insulation property, as well as being cleaned easily.Tile rubber absorbs the impacts and avoids vibration. It also prevents injuries sourced from the bouncing of weights which are put down hardly on the floor by the sportsmen.

Tile rubber floor covering products are in various sizes and thicknesses; furthermore they have various color options. Due to our products in various thicknesses, it is designed for sportsmen to practice effectively.Shock absorberFlexibleNon-slipperyCan be cut in desired dimensionLow cost-maintenanceDurableHigher resistanceEnvironmentally friendly Decrease of Impact EffectMeasuring the decrease of impact effect on surface materials in accordance with TS EN 1176 AND 1177 StandardsIn accordance with TS EN 1176 and 1177 rules which entered into force on 15 April 2002, materials decreasing the impact effect are obligatory to be used.

This standard sets for the use of flexible floor material for the critical height of fall higher than 0,60. The compliance of rubber floor materials which are made of recycled, aesthetic and flexible rubber granules has been proved by various test reports.

The property of decreasing the impact effect is revealed by head injury criteria. TS EN Standard in force measures the acceleration value of the intensity during the impact. Experiments reveal that velocity of fall at the time of impact and the period of fall has important roles as well. HIC values with 1000 or higher reveal the impacts leading serious head injuries.In this test, over a plate which is placed to form a square, experimental head weighted at 4,6 kg is used, and by the acceleration sector connected to various measuring and assessment tools; critical fall height is determined.

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